Gordon and Berny Dawson
Blavet Valley Lakes
St. Nicolas des Eaux
56930 FRANCE
Tel: 00 33 (0) 297 51 99 09
Siret : 478 704 455 00011
Email: enquiries@blavetvalleylakes.com
Brittany Carp Fishing Lake in France view of lake 2.

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Carp Fishing Holidays

Blavet Valley Lakes Carp Fishing Holiday Rules & Regs.

  1. Carp Fishing 'Rod Pods' ONLY.

  2. Only 3 Carp rods maximum.

  3. All particles to be supplied by Blavet Valley Lakes ONLY.

  4. Fresh/Freezer boilies ONLY - No shelf life boilies.

  5. Please use litter bins provided.

  6. Sacking only permitted during night time carp fishing.

  7. Please be respectful of other anglers around the carp fishing lake.

  8. Tackle restrictions:- No braided mainline, No Lead core, No fixed or bolt rigs.Only barbed and micro barbed hooks are to be used.

  9. Blavet Valley Lakes will now provide (Free Of Charge) all landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings. (A 50 euro deposit will be required)... Please do not bring your own - this is to prevent contamination from other lakes.

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Tel: 00 33 (0) 297 51 99 09
Email: carp-fishing@blavetvalleylakes.com

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